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With Buyers or Vendors.
With Authorized Distributors.
With Components Manufacturers.
With Logistics Companies.

Becoming stronger in this industry, we need your support and cooperation.

Components buys or vendors can choose your partnership with us, to provide us the opportunity to offer you electronic components, and get survived this industry.

If you are Authorized distributors of components manufacturers and seeking cooperation of components distribution , send us the scan or copy of authorization issued from the manufacturers.

Its our hornour to get distribution authorization from components manufacturers. It not only saves our time to find original and new components, but also make us more reliable for our customers in terms of components originality. We are always striving to obtain more distribution authorization from more components manufacturer, especially leading manufacturers in components industry.

To be more efficient to get our components successfully delivered to our customers, we need more logistics companies to cooperate with us.

For details of cooperation in all types mentioned above, please contact our director of Sales & Marketing.
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