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Job Requirements
Requirements and Desired Skills & Experience
·A team player with the ability to work in a high-energy sales team environment with a desire to work with others for broader success
·Positive and energetic phone skills, excellent listening skills, strong writing skills
·Ability to manage multiple tasks at once, and operate successfully in a rapidly changing environment
·The highest level of integrity
·Proficient with standard corporate productivity tools (email, MS Office)
·A basic understanding of computing technology and comfortable discussing technology with customers
·Sales skills training for 2 month in KDH
·College degree or equivalent
·Work experience
·Proficient with working language

Before you join, KDH will require you to go through a pre-employment interview process. This means that we will want to verify your details and the information you have given us to ensure your suitability for a certain role considering its nature, seniority and other relevant factors.
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