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AVX Passive electronic components:MLCC(0201-2225 size), and Tantalum Capacitors(TAJ,TPS,TPM,TAC,TLJ Serie ect).........
After more than 62 years in business, Bourns continues to grow because of the company's continued commitment to providing value for our customers. Bourns invests in innovative new products through development within Bourns and through strategic acquisition of companies or product lines....
Research, Production and Sales of Electronic Devices made from fine ceramics.........
Where there is electronic equipment there is the coil. Our market extends to all fields. Mobile phones, notebook computers, LCD TVs…ubiquitous markets are supported by TOKO....
We dedicate ourselves to creating valued products that will contribute to a brighter future for society. We strive to attain a better global environment, to live up to our ethical and social responsibilities and to diligently work to exceed the expectations of our customers, shareholders and employees. With heart and soul we aim to maximize our corporate value by the way of "ko-do" (Think and Wo...
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